Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Returning the whining

I flipped to the book I bought yesterday when I got to the pool and started my swim. 45 minutes later, I flipped to music. The book turned out to be really whiny. I thought it was going to be an interesting account about how this guy who had been a tech journalist went to work at a tech start up. It turns out he hated the idea from the get go and walked in assuming they were all stupid kids who did not value his experience and so... surprise! That's how it turned out! I'd heard him interviewed and while you clearly got how the relationship ended, there was no hint, in the interviews, that he had sabotaged it. But, reading the first 45 minutes revealed that very clearly.

Respect is a two way street, asshole.

Thankfully, lets you return books for full credit. I happily gave them back this one.

Today is house cleaner day. Depending on when she gets here, I may well just grab my Goodwill bag and go make a donation and then run some other errands. I hate being here while she cleans but her window of starting is rather large - anywhere from about 9 to about 11 and if her daughter comes it takes her about an hour and a half. If she's alone it's close to 3. It gets very tedious to be here and hard to plan to be out not knowing when or how long. But, I do love a clean house.

Oh there she is coming in the front door (I see her on the camera) and she has her daughter with her. I'm not even done with my coffee yet. I do need milk and bread... hmmmm decisions - not one single one even close to important.

On Friday of this week, they are going to close down a critical downtown bypass for 2 weeks. It's going to wreck havoc with traffic around here. I have cobbled together an emergency boat/bus Plan B to get too and from the pool if I absolutely have to. Hopefully, it won't be as bad as everyone thinks it will.

And speaking of not bad... baseball. As I was watching the final out last night it struck me how much more engaging watching major league baseball is when your team doesn't suck large eggs. So far, for the first time in for.freakin.ever, the Mariners are starting the season playing good baseball and it's fun. It probably won't last so I've decided to just relax and not project and enjoy what I got now. They play tonight and are off tomorrow.

Today or tomorrow I need to line up the dolls and bears for their group shot. Friday is delivery day. It's actually a week early but my chairs are full. I need to make room for the next group.

I think now I'll go ahead and do my Goodwill/errand run. Amira and her daughter are chattering away... in Bosnian. It's a fun language to listen to but I have no clue at all what they are saying.

Ok, coffee done. I'm out.
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