Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Left Out

As when Michael Jackson died, I'm at a loss about this whole Prince thing. I've always kind of known who he was. And, if you asked me who did the song Purple Rain, I think I could have told you but I'm not sure I could have actually recognized the song. After 1971, I just never had any interest in popular or un-popular music. It just was not part of my life.

I know all the words to most all of the music of the 50's and 60's. I know Broadway show tunes. I know a whole lotta old Baptist hymns. In the past few years I've discovered and enjoyed Kasey Musgraves and really love Brandy Clark. My iPod Shuffle for the pool has both of them and a Shane McAnally album as well as a variety of other country, some gospel, a little Abba and some Queen.

When I'm not swimming, I rarely listen to any music at all. It's very interesting to read and hear all the angst and emotion while people rally together to morn, I really don't get it.

Ok this is very weird. I sat down here to each lunch and catch up and noticed that Hunter, the strange guy who lives next door and sometimes brings me baked goods was standing outside the front door of the condo. For a long time - like 15 minutes or more. And then he sat down on the ground rather oddly. And then after about 5 minutes more it looked like he was waving at someone and then two paramedics came and walked him away. That guy is just one weird after another.

I bought some cheap lox somewhere recently.For two days now I've had lox and bagels with onion and tomato and capers for lunch. Not to self: You absolutely get what you pay for with cheap lox. Don't buy more.

One load of laundry is in the dryer and one is in the washer.

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