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Seattle is a funny town traffic wise. Maybe all cities are this way these days. But, a major traffic problem anywhere in the city throws the rest of the city - even areas not anywhere near the issue - into a massive stall. I pass through two relatively distinct areas of traffic congestion on my way home from the pool. When one is backed up, I know the other one will be. Even though the space in between the two is not.

This morning the West Seattle bridge was a huge backup even though, after the bridge it was relatively clear. Turns out that in another part of the city there was a giant backup on the interstate. And still another way north. It's like all the traffic jams agreed to get together and stop everything at the same time. Probably they have their own CB channel.

I'm working on not getting cranky about Mother's Day. As someone who has no mother and who is mother to no one, the constant barrage of Mother's Day talk, sales, suggestions, salutations, and general over the top hype is tedious at best. But, there is no future in my getting all bent out of shape about it. Only two more weeks. And, at least Father's Day (yep, I have no father and I am father to no one) isn't as hyped.

I have a new rug coming for the kitchen today. My kitchen floor is grouted tile that is a bitch and a half to keep clean. Plus hard to stand on. A 5x8 rug fits it perfectly. So I'm always on the lookout for cheap indoor/outdoor 5x8 rugs that aren't a solid color. I got my current one on sale for something like $30. It has served me well but has been forced to serve longer than it should and longer than intended because I haven't found another good sale. It's getting pretty gross. Finally I gave in and paid $70 at Home Depot. It's coming today. Whew.

My iPod Shuffle that I use for swimming, died recently and I got a refurb as a replacement from the vendor. That replacement lasted maybe 2 swims and it died. I got a replacement for the replacement and it died today. This is getting a little annoying. I do enjoy the music and today I got a new book to listen to Disrupted - elder works at startup. Been there, can't wait to hear how his stint worked. I'm thinking about switching to a Sony waterproof mp3 player... maybe.

But now I'm going to start the laundry.
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