Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

New Day New Week

I felt like crap all day yesterday. I went to be early and woke up a dozen time with shooting gut pain. Each time I went back to sleep easily but finally at 5:30 I gave up. I thought about skipping the pool but started to feel a little better. So I went and was really glad I did. I still don't feel in top shape but at least no more shooting pains.

On the way to the pool, my tire check light came on. You can hit the button to tell it that the air pressure is fine and it will go out. I did. It did. But, after my swim, on the way home, it went on again. I was already past the good tire place but near the Mercedes dealership so I went there. They always piss me off and this morning was no different. But they checked and fixed and didn't charge me and, really only ended up taking about 30 minutes so not horrible. But next time I'm going to my nice tire place.

I have nothing I have to do today. This is when I'm beyond grateful to live alone and be able to wallow in my misery without having to answer to anyone else. And grateful to be retired. I can lounge about and do nothing today if I want. I have time to drop into the snooty Mercedes place to get my tires checked.

So yeah, not a banner day but it could be so much worse. And, at least it's not.
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