Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Nice day

I got to the pool way early but my friend, Brodie, beat me. It turned out to be a nice visit. The regular front desk person wasn't there. The mean front desk person was and she refused to let us in early. No biggie.

After my swim I went to the dollar store and then asked Google where breakfast was. It took me to a strange little enclave in the middle of a very low rent district. It was like some developer (with very nice taste) built a whole huge community (recently) in the middle of this old, sad, low income neighborhood. Turns out, when I looked, it is actually a housing authority development beautifully done.

In the middle of it is a cafe that is also very lovely. Delicious Mexican brunch. Very very delicious. I'm absolutely going back to that place - Greenbridge Cafe.

The on to a very successful Walmart trip and home. I made a bunch of doll faces and a doll. The project of organization of my sewing room is a huge success. Stuff is way easier to get to and find.

I think I'm going to let Amazon bring me my dinner tonight. One order is dinner tonight and 3 more dinners for freezing. I haven't done that in a while so I think tonight I will. Early dinner and early ballgame. 6ish.

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