Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Resting entry

I finished my snack (watermelon) and am caught up on the internets but I'm still not ready to get back to work. So I'm Officially Procrastinating... but just a little bit longer.

I ordered one of those plastic chest of drawers for the sewing room. It was supposed to come on Monday but it came today instead. It is way bigger than I expected (I had tired brain when I ordered it) BUT, turns out, that with a little more work than I had planned, it works fine. Fits right into my armoir so out of sight but accessible. I had to reswizzle all the organization I did last week but, I think I like this way better anyway.

I want to keep that room sewing convenient while easily transformable into a guest room and tidy. I think, I actually finally have it now. I can roll most of the sewing stuff to the bedroom in a very few trips. Nice. Tidy.

I still have a trip down to the recycle bin and then I'll be done.

Before all that started, I did walk down to the post office which was a very pleasant jaunt with no sun and got a half sandwich for lunch. And then, after lunch, cut out a whole bunch of doll faces and drew the smiles on. I need to sew on eyes and they will be doll ready. I'll do that tomorrow. I also cut out a bunch of hands to match faces. And I cut out the next doll.

So, not a bad day, productivity wise.

I don't want to not finish so down to the dumpster I go. Then that's it. Baseball, knitting, supper.
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