Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Anyone want some Diet Dr. Pepper?

Since the manager was kind enough to procure me some, I stopped at Safeway after my swim and bought a case. Since I had just bought a case earlier in the week, I now have Diet Dr. Pepper to burn. I have enough now to last me quite a while since I generally only drink it at lunch and then only a half bottle. At that rate, what I have now could be a lifetime supply!

The pressure is on today. I want to get the last two scrub dolls put together so I can pick out the ones I'm going to send back to the nice lady who sent me all that fabric. She said that she will give them to the kids of the scrub wearing woman who died. There's really no compelling reason why they have to be sent today but I just want to.

The sun has gone behind the clouds for the first time in days and I can have my blinds up and daylight in. Nice.

No baseball until tonight and no errands that must be done today. So I think I'll finish up my coffee and fire up the sewer.
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