Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Whew... a day

I'm not sure how/why this day turned into such a day, but it did. The baseball game did not get rained out, did go extra innings and was a good game AND we won. Then two shirts and two giant boxes of stuffing arrived. Neither of the shirts fit so I packaged them up and printed out a label. The stuffing is in the closet waiting until my current batch is deleted.

I went to the post office with the package and then the fabric shop. It was hot out which I think made the whole trip more of a thing than it was. Then home to two more deliveries. A hoodie I ordered also didn't fit. But, it's a Walmart so I can take it back to the store where I need to go anyway, probably Saturday after my swim.

And meanwhile there was doll making.

Yeah, I think it's the heat that's making everything seem like such a chore. Tomorrow they are promising better. On the up side, I have teriyaki - just needs a nuke - for dinner so my chores are all done. I have TV to watch and bears to knit.

Here are today's dolls. They are both from the scrub scraps. I have two more to do but they are all ready - fabric/hair picked out and all pieces cut.

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