Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Breakfast Baseball

I'm home from my swim and waiting for the baseball game to start. An afternoon game in Cleveland means the first pitch happens before I finish my morning coffee. Nice. Except it's threatening to rain in Cleveland. Roofs, people! It's a thing.

If the game happens, once I finish my coffee, I'll probably move the watching to the sewing room. I tried watching there yesterday but the wifi signal was so weak that it was really a PIA. I thought about and researched several options until finally something on a forum triggered me to try something I was sure wouldn't work.

I have a wifi extender in the living room so that I can have ethernet connections on a wall that is the opposite of where the 'internet juice' comes into the condo without having cable strung across the room. For some reason I thought extending the extender was a non starter. But I had an old wifi extender in the box o' Stuff I Should Have Taken To Goodwill A Few Years Ago. So I hauled it out, reset it to factory settings, fired it up and configured it to extend my extender and damn if it doesn't work! And increases the wifi signal from a speed of 1.2 to 15! No cables. Sweet.

This afternoon I may go to the fabric store. WTF??? You just got a giant motherload of fabric to add to your now already embarrassment of fabric riches and you want more????? Yes, nag, I need face/skin material. I'm totally out of browns and tans. And Thursday is Senior Discount Day.

And I'm out of breakfast burritos again. But I've got the goods to make more. Maybe I'll do that before I hit the sewing machine.

Oh and I got an email from the manager at Safeway. He's scored me some Diet Dr. Pepper. It will be there Friday. I'm to ask for Dave or Ryan. I feel like I'm doing a drug deal here. I actually don't need any right now but, hey, they stuff has a shelf life longer than my own life expectation and I've got room to store. And he's nice enough to respond. So cool.

Zoey is right here this morning helping with this entry.

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