Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Yet another amazing thing...

On Monday, I saw this photo on Reddit with a note asking if anyone wanted this stash.

I added a comment asking her to give me a price, that I was definitely interested and I included links to the photos of my dolls and explained they were for the Baby Bank. She suggested that she fill up one of those all you can stuff postal boxes with other stuff, too, and I pay postage and I said GREAT. Then she sent the stuff off to me and sent me a tracking number saying the postage wasn't enough to bother with. The box got here today.

Holy crap. She sent the most amazing stuff and so much of it all!! (I love this photo - totally by accident I got Dora's eye peeking out there - you may have to click to big to see. It's a where's waldo dora the explorer!)

In the notes we swapped she explained that she had some small squares from the scrubs of a friend who died from domestic violence and if she included them could I please use them to make dolls for the Baby Bank children victims from domestic violence?

Seriously? How amazing is that? Turns out there are 5 oh so soft, worn, wonderful squares from the scrubs - 3 different patterns. Enough to make 5 dolls. I'm hoping to send 2 of them back to the woman who sent me the fabric. All she asked was to get photos she could share.

Here's the first one.

I swear there is something magical about these dolls. I am so grateful that I found them.
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