Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Needy Cat

Zoey is now velcro'd to me and has been for 2 days. When she isn't pushing my hands, she wandering around at my feet meowing. Last night she crawled in next to me to go to sleep which she rarely does. Usually when she's this clingy she's saying she wants food - wet food. But, not this time. So weird, this cat.

After my swim, I went to the grocery store/UPS store. At the grocery store, I did my usual check for Diet Dr. Pepper in the six pack bottles. This time there wasn't even a hole where it should be but there was a little Pepsi guy standing there taking notes so I asked him where it was and he told me they no longer carry it. WTF????? NO. I whipped out one of my cards and wrote Diet Dr. Pepper in six pack bottles on it and gave it to the cashier. After a little conversation, I think he grasp the criticality of the situation - either that or he was scared of me. Anyway, he promised to make sure Dave the manager got the message.

I hate cans and I hate 2 liter bottles. I'd probably give up the stuff all together if those were my only options. That probably wouldn't be all bad anyway.

The wifi in my sewing area sucks even with an extender. There isn't good enough electricity in this house to run a powerline and I can't figure out how to use my tablet on my MOCA network. All of the above has now eaten up more than an hour of my morning. I give up.

Today, once I actually get it started, will be cleaning up the kitchen, making dolls, watching baseball (3pm) and then tv while knitting bears. In other words... the usual.

I finished this dude last night.

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