Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

today so far

I have made exactly 0 dolls today. I did get as far as finishing up the organization of stuff back there but that's it.

I got the cable card and the Dr. Pepper and then came home to get the TiVo set up. It would have been by far the easiest set up ever had it not been for a nearly total Wave Broadband fail. The guy I got to pair up my cable card was about as clueless as any individual I've ever encountered. Finally after 30 minutes of getting exactly nowhere, I hung up. I went ahead with the installation and got everything done except the card. Called back, got a different guy and I was done in 10 minutes.

So now I have a backup TiVo working as the bedroom TiVo. Nice. PLUS... and here's the big news... I remembered as I was screwing around with the setup that I can get TiVo shows - live and recorded - on my tablet or phone. This means I can 'watch' baseball in the sewing room even though there's no TV!! Nice.

When I unpacked the TiVo, I found it already had a cable card in it and there was a receipt from Sudden Link. Ooops. Turns out my poor brother turned his house upside down looking for that damn thing and has had to pay rental on it for months and months. So, I walked it down to the Post Office to get it to him ASAP. While I was out, I also picked up teriyaki for dinner and some fitness points!

It's hot out but, it's still Spring enough so that if you walk in the shade, you can snag a little breeze and it's not horrible.

Now I'm home. I need to get the teriyaki out of the takeout containers. Since styrofoam is outlawed in Seattle, they have to use these biodegradable cardboard things. If I leave the teriyaki in there, it will just all melt into this globby mess. So I spoon the stuff out into two dishes - one for tonight and one for tomorrow or the freezer.

And then... I'll make a doll.
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