Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My old TiVo came back from my brother yesterday. Today I am off to pick up a cable card so I can get it online. Setting up a TiVo these days is a whole lot easier than it used to be. I got my first one in 2000 and I am still amazed that I didn't throw it over the terrace to the street below. BUT, even better, it is still at the comfort level of root canal - without Novocaine.

Having a TiVo that works properly just makes the rest of life work better. Very worth the pain of install. Very. I will hang onto that thought this morning. Even though, the last time this TiVo Was turned on, it was hooked to my TV on my wifi and with my cable company, it will, most probably, still be a tear-your-hair-out experience. Probably starting with getting the cable card. I'm prepared.

On the bright side, I went on Amazon last night to look at selling my TiVo mini and was reminded about their trade in program. They will pay me half of what I paid for the thing 18 months ago. All I have to do is send it to them - on their dime. I saved the other half in cable card rental fees over the 18 months. So the experiment of switching out the TiVo for the mini, will end up costing me $0. I can live with that.

I spent some time yesterday reorganizing fabric and felt and buttons and beads. I figured out the last bit while swimming this morning so will finish that up today.

Oh and I need to stop at the Cash and Carry to get some Diet Dr. Pepper. For some reason none of the grocery stores ever carry enough in the bottles I like. That section of the soda aisle is always a big hole. You would think they would figure it out, but no. Cash and Carry sometimes runs out, too. I think their delivery dates are Mondays and Thursdays so, hopefully, I can snag a case there this morning.

Mainly I need to get out and get back. It's going to be another hot day today. And tomorrow. Cooling off considerably over the weekend. I cannot fathom setting up the fucking air conditioner in April. It kills me when I have to set it up as early as May. But, my days of being hot are o.v.e.r. So if it has to be, it has to be.

Ok, coffee's done and I need to get out and get back.
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