Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The weekend gym dance

The gym does not open until 8 on weekends. Over the months, I started getting there early, like 7:45. And, one morning, the girl who opens up on weekends got there about the same time and let me in when she went in and locked the door behind us (so she could get set up). I got the pool to myself. I remember it was winter and dark and so cool to be in the dark, quiet pool all alone.

One time I got in early and had been swimming for a while when my swim bud, Brodie came in and asked how in the heck, since she was there when the gym opened, had I gotten into the pool??? I explained and she started coming early, too. Twice recently, she has gotten there before me and I'm the one who is last in at 8.

This morning, I was dressed and ready way ahead of time and left anyway. As I drove up, Brodie walked up. We had been pleasantly chatting away for not very long at all when Opening Up Girl arrived and let us in. We were swimming in the pool for 20 minutes before it opened. We both agreed that it is flat out silly how much joy we get out of our private gym time. "My husband thinks we're nuts."

It's the little things. And it was a great swim.

I have an egg half carton that I always use when I get down to 6 or fewer eggs. I couldn't find it today so I made a new one (two actually). I hate seeing a whole carton of eggs in the fridge and thinking I have more than I do. I also hate that I have so much junk that I lose something like an empty half carton. That's just obscene.

Today and tomorrow are threatening to be very warm. My windows face east. I made sure my blinds were down before I left for the pool. They have a half setting that blocks some sun but lets in more air so I left the door shade in the half setting.

I like the way it looks. Zoey is playing on the terrace. She totally forgot about birds over the winter and is now amazed at them. There are very few so she may well also forget between birds.

As much as I enjoy a lovely quiet Sunday morning, it's time for baseball.
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