Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I stopped at the Safeway after my swim and remembered to take in the change from my cup by the front door. $26.57. Got a few groceries that totaled less than $20. A nice little profit.

Now home and breakfasted and I'm watching the game. The laundry is in the dryer. I caught it when it was still 1 load's worth. Nice.

I feel good. I've stopped taking the allergy pills and while my nose feels like it wants to sneeze fairly frequently, everything else is fine. I'm not purposefully spending anytime outside and I'm still sleeping with the humidifier blowing in my face. Easy, harmless tweaks that may be helping.

I bought a 'value pack' butt load of chicken thighs that all need to be individually wrapped before I pop them into the freezer. And the laundry will soon need folding and putting away. A normal, usual, nice day here.
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