Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Zoey's in her down swing today. She is still following me from room to room but quietly and has given up wet food for now as well as walking across keyboards. She is just the strangest cat I have ever had. It's like having 3 cats on different days. Zoey the Manic, Zoey the Quiet and Zoey Medium. I guess that's why I've never thought much about getting another cat. She's plenty of cat all on her own.

While going without Advair has worked fine, this morning I forgot to suck down my Spiriva and, while it could very well be my imagination, I remembered that I had forgotten only after taking the stairs up to the gym. I was hit with the old 'oops where's the oxygen in that breath' feeling. Maybe not so smooth sailing on dropping that one. I'm still going to try it come May 1.

Today starts three Mariner games against the Yankees in New York. It means great game times for me. Today's game is at 4. Tomorrow and Sunday's games are at 10 am!! In the 80's when I still lived on the east coast, I was a fan of the Atlanta Braves (my love of losing baseball has a long history). When they played away games - especially on the west coast - games started at 10 pm which truly sucked. I celebrate my coast anew with every one of these away games.

But, right now, I'm going back to the sewing area and give my shiny new ZapposLovesMe scissors their maiden run. I put the card up on the bulletin board outside the kitchen. I still can't believe that whole thing.
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