Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

unbelievable in the very best of ways

So... a couple of weeks ago I had several issues with Zappos. Every single one of them was my fault. Dealing with Zappos customer service is always a good experience. Sometimes too good. They always want to chat when I just want to get a fix and get off the phone. In the middle of all this, one of the customer service reps was particularly chatty but she was fixing a problem that I had really fucked up to the max and she ended up fixing it even better than I deserved so I kept up the chatter with her. At one point she asked me what I did and I told her I was retired and I made rag dolls and that really did it for her. She was just wild about that idea. She gave me credit - extra even - and fixed the problem and we were done.

Until today. I get a note from the building manager that there is a package for me. I'm not expecting any packages today and I figured he sent me the note by mistake - he does that every once in a while. But, no, there's a box from Zappos... And it has a big SURPRISE sticker on it. And it's a previously used box (which Zappos never does) but the return address is really Zappos...

I tear into the box and first there is this amazing card.

And then there is the absolutely beautiful wooden box.

And then...

Gold plated freakin' sewing shears!!!! I'm beyond thrilled on about a million levels. I just cannot believe she did this. And while I have long known that Zappos was a nifty company that managed to preserve its nifty-ness even after Amazon bought it. But this level of nifty is really amazing. I will be amazed all over again with every cut.
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