Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Today is a thing-free day (my twist on a nothing day). Nothing on the calendar, nothing promised or expected, no deadlines. I have spaghetti all made and defrosted waiting in the fridge for dinner and tuna salad with cottage cheese for lunch. No baseball game today. I don't even have to make the basic decisions today!

I just interrupted this note to order 3 new shirts. I put two into the Goodwill bag today. I think my replacement math is off but one may not fit so I'll send it back.

I am stuck in piddling mode this morning. I'm getting distracted by a million things. I appreciate having the time to indulge random distractions, but, I think, rather than waste the day, I'm going to get off the computing machine and get onto the sewing machine.
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