Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Getting my zen on

I noticed yesterday that the buds on The Tree That I Hate have now turned into leaves and I haven't yet bitched about it this year. I think I'll just let it go. My really interesting neighbors moved out more than a year ago and next Fall, when I can see them again, maybe the windows will have sprouted new, more interesting ones.

My baseball team has tanked. Yeah it's early. But, here we go again. It's ok. They also, once again, have fucked up the TV broadcast of Tuesday home games by adding a guy who's contribution makes me want to chew the ears off my head. But, this year, I've decided to 1. mark all the Tuesday home games on my calendar so I will be prepared and just 2. not watch baseball on those nights. If by some hilarious miracle they don't suck again this year, and I need to follow the game, I'll use my MLB app and listen to the radio broadcast.

I just realized that I forgot to watch The West Wing episode for this week's podcast. Now I'm already behind and we're only 4 episodes in. This is not good.

My swim was good. Afterward this woman who had been playing in the pool for a long time with her boyfriend, breezed through the locker room and SHRIEKED to me "Oh my God, you are such an amazing swimmer with such stamina!!!! You are wild!" And then she was gone. Clearly someone who knows what she's talking about. It was funny. For the record, I do swim longer than most but not even close to faster and a lot of the swimmers at my gym come into the pool after they have done their workout. I try not to even walk too close to those machines and floor pads.

The house cleaner is due here today. And she is needed. The joint needs some tender loving cleaning for sure. I've got a couple of errands to run and think I'll head out when my coffee is done. There is a Mariners game at 12:30 but I think the crowd will not be big enough to cause any traffic issues. Last night's crowd was pretty sparse and afternoon crowds run small anyway.

And if not, I'll just deal with it mellowly. My new thing.
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