Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


It's cooled off considerably and I'm very grateful. My hayfever/allergies/whatever is not as uncomfortable as it was. Between pills that work, keeping the door closed and a humidifier near my nose, it's way better. Plus, swimming for an hour with my face under water half that time feels best of all.

The pool was empty today. Just me. And the traffic was really light. I wonder if everyone took a spring trip. If so, could be a fun week.

I think my Roamio TiVo is what caused the problems this weekend. I think it's having issues... it rebooted on its own a couple of times yesterday and one of those times came back with a very disconcerting message but it did resolve itself. I'm not ready to go TiVo-less. I'm glad my brother is sending the old one back at least I'll have backup for when this one needs to go off to get fixed.

Nothing on the agenda today except the game tonight. After two good games, the Mariners went on to lose 3 in a row. Same old same old same old? Oh well, doesn't matter. Years of following them closely has proven that my loyalty is surely not victory dependent!

But, now, I think I'll go make a doll.
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