Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Drug trials

Well, turns out, there is a fairly substantial difference in pills with exactly the same ingredients but entirely different ages! My Costco allergy pills with the expiration date of 2011 work very differently than the allergy pills I bought at Bartell's yesterday. As in the Costco pills were as effective as no pills at all. The Bartell's pills, on the other hand... very effective.

Lesson learned!! I have a house full of old medicine. I think 10 year old bandaids are fine. 10 year old pills and creams maybe not so much. I should get on that and clear that shit out.

Swimming was good.

Last night the bedroom TV said it didn't have network. The bedroom TV is tuned via a TiVo Mini which is hooked up via MOCA which is created by the TiVo in the living room who's internet connection is via ethernet to a wifi extender of the router which routes the internet signal from the fiber optic cable via modem. In other words, nearly an infinite number of failure points. So when the message is that it doesn't have network, I want to chew my arm off at the shoulder even before I start sussing out the problem.

Since I got it set up (which was a major hooha itself) about 18 months ago, there have been maybe 3 sneezes in service. So I tried my usual fixes. No joy. I tried a couple of other fixes and nada. And then I set up thinking... why the fuck do I need a bedroom TV anyway? The only time I ever turn it on is for the first 10-15 minutes of the 10pm news. Can I live without that? Of course I can. I always thought that if I ever was bedridden for any amount of time it would be nice to have a TV to watch but all I will really need is an internet connection to contact the Hemlock Society for options.

I think, while I was swimming, the thing rehooked itself up. At least, the admin web interface says that the TiVo Mini is online. I haven't turned it on yet to check. But, I think I don't care. I gave my brother my old TiVo but I don't think he uses it. I may get him to send it back or I may just leave it be for a while.

My other techno fix of the weekend is to my Twitter stream. I keep a window pane of Tweetdeck open on my laptop and it scrolls by with Tweets all day and night. This is great except during a Mariners game. I like to start watching a game at about the 30 minute in mark so I can ff through the commercials if I want. So... seeing a Tweet about a HOME RUN!!!!! kinda fucks up my baseball watching mojo. I tried just closing the window but I missed not having the other tweets.

So I made a list - 2 actually. One includes everyone who comments on baseball and one includes everyone else. So I hide the baseball list during the game. I made the inaugural run last night and it worked perfectly. Simple simple and oh so much nicer.

I made a very mediocre omelette for breakfast which was fine. I ate about 3/4ths of it which was plenty. Now I think I'll wash those dishes and go make a doll.
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