Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My swim was excellent. After, I went up to Bartell's near the pool to get some new allergy pills. I noticed this morning that mine had a very clear expiration date of April 2011. So I got replacements. Bartell's is in the same strip mall as the Papa Murphy's so I thought I'd get a pizza but it didn't open for 30 minutes so I went to Safeway and got a handful of things as slowly as I could. Then back to the car where I read my book until they finally did open at 10:05. Pizza acquired.

Then home where having the door closed has created Stuffy-City. So I opened it and turned on the fan and kept the blinds down and so far so ok. Now I'm waiting for The Property Brothers to come on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me.

Then I need to run the garbage down to the dumpters and then... finally... it will be time to sew.
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