Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Humidly yours

Between the allergy pill and having cool wet air in my face all afternoon, things are way better here. Whew. I moved the Penguin into the living room while remembering the instructions 'never move unless the unit is empty.' Just water, it will evaporate :) I did order one of those little water bottle humidifiers that I can easily move from room to room. I think the Penguin will move to the bedroom. Funny how dry winter long I haven't needed him.

I've had a lovely day of getting it done. I ordered one of these from Zappos with my coupon to take to the gym every day. It has one side for my suit when its wet and one side for everything else. I sewed on a shoulder strap for more options.


Then I made a couple of dolls that I am particularly enamored with. I love the freedom to play with "flesh" colors.

Wanna see the rest of the dolls? Flickr or Google

The local NBC affiliate moved their stdio/offices down the block here right across the street from the baseball stadium. They are doing a fabulous job of grabbing opening day excitement in pictures from the street and from their roof. It's jazzed up my Twitter feed nicely this afternoon.

Chicken is on the menu for dinner.
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