Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

cool mist

I took an allergy pill (OTC non-drowsy which, I'm convinced has psychological benefits only) and then... ctgstr8 left a comment this morning suggesting a humidifier. DOH!

I dug out my penguin and opened him up to a world of yuck. it's probably been more than a year since he was last in service. I cleaned him all out, filled him up and set him in the sewing room.

This photo cracks me up - fish and penguin and bear and Alf... Zoey was watching from behind me. Also, this room is a mess. I need to get my tidy on in here.

Anyway, while my nose still feels like it's been in a dust bowl, it's no longer sneezing and no more coughing and everything else feels like possibly this is not fatal. Whew.

And finally the doll who got interrupted by sewing machine issues yesterday... is done.

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