Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I vote for hayfever

Yesterday was sneezy. This morning was coughing and sneezing. Eyes itchy on and off. It could be from coming off the inhaler. But, I'm going with hay fever or some other kind of allergy. It really does feel like I've spent a day in a dusty attic. It actually feels much better after spending an hour in the pool. This latter clue is fodder for my case that it has nothing to do with the inhaler situation. There is no rain in the forecast until next Tuesday so I think it's going to be a slog.

I have always prided myself on not being allergic to anything. Until the Spring I lived in Connecticut. Holy shit. I thought I was dying for sure. I finally went to a doctor who told me it was allergies and I told him he was wrong and then it magically went away when Summer came.

I wonder if the steroid or something else in the inhaler masked allergy symptoms before. Oh well, I'm not going to stress about it. Bitch, yes. Stress, no.

I have closed the door to the outside and, hopefully, it won't get too warm in here. I lowered the blinds until the sun moves over this morning.

I had considered a walk to Uwajimaya or a drive to there and Goodwill (drop off ONLY). But, I think I'm going to stay safely inside today and see if that helps.

I'm ready to get back to my sewing machine. Last night I looked up the date I bought it. Mid-March. When she opened up the bobbin casing yesterday, there was a crapton of link in there. I learned how to get in there and, more importantly, now things were supposed to fit in and work so that when I get in there I can make sure to put it back correctly. Last night I added a calendar reminder to get in there and clean it out every other Friday.

The car sharing deal that I did the testing for last month is getting started for real. The idea of hopping into a bigger car for a quick trip to here or there to pick up stuff is very appealing. And, since I now have a lifetime membership, I suspect I will use it every once in a while.

My breakfast burrito was delicious this morning. The last batch I made was with a different brand of tortilla and they just were not as good - funky texture and kind of an off taste. I went back to Mission this time and, yep, delish. I also picked up some sausage crumbles at Grocery Outlet which work perfectly. I am now making 8 at a time (cause that's how many tortillas are in a package) so when I make a good batch it's fun to know the good will be for 7 more days to come!

Time now to quit screwing around and get to sewing.

I just looked up to see this... Zoey staring a hole in me. She's been in a dog mood recently. Follows me every where and watches me like a hawk. It's really cracking me up.

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