Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

plans thwarted...

My sewing machine threw a fit this afternoon. I tried all the obvious. Rethreading everything, changing out the needle, trying everything again. It looked to me like the bobbin had just jumped into a jam. Rather than fuck with it, I just grabbed it by the handle and took it to the car. One of the reasons I bought this particular machine at this particular shop was for this very particular situation.

Getting there was not an issue really except it was hot and the sun was one giant glare. The same woman who sold me the machine was there and got right on my case. She had it fixed in no time and showed me what went wrong (no clue as to why) and how to right it next time. I was back on the road home in less than 15 minutes.

I asked Google for the quickest route home as the roads were clog city. Google took me a way I would have never even thought of and while not zippy, at least the scenery was different and interesting.

I got the mail on the way up and there was a credit card! Yahoo. I can finally get all that stuff straightened out. Except. It turned out to be the chase card I canceled. Oh well. I did get a kickstarter notebook that I funded eons ago. You can upload individual pages and clear the whole notebook back to empty if you want in the microwave! Kind of fun.

Maybe I'll go back and finish the doll I started before the machine had its attack.
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