Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The baseball game is at 11 and that will likely keep me away from the sewing machine for much of the day. I can listen to the radio while I sew but can't get the TV back there. If it's boring, I might just listen to the rest.

But, last night's game was very not boring so who knows about today. Our offense racked up some nice runs and their pitcher got pissy and there were words not said in Sunday School exchanged and finger pointing. (It's the new, civilized bench clearing brawl.) Now we go back and play them again. I'm guessing there has not been any kissing and making up.

(The side story was also fun. The relief pitcher who started the problem and gave up all the home runs, was traded from us to Texas over the winter so it was his former 'friends' who were tearing him a new one. And then he let them know that the friendship was very over. There had been a good bit of 'so sorry to see Tom go'. I'm guessing we've seen the end of that.)

Every night for a week, I lathered up my hands and put them into gloves before I went to sleep. Then I stopped for 3 nights. Big diff in how my hands feel and not in a good way. Guess I'll go back to lathering.

They finally got two working lane lines installed at the pool. It makes such a nice difference.

It's supposed to get really hot here tomorrow for one day and then cool again. Seattle weather can be so weird but mostly it is good weird.

I got an email this morning from Microsoft saying they were looking for old people in the area who were willing to sit on a paid panel of advisers and was I interested? Paid? Sure!! I'm old, sign me up. I filled out the form. Pick me! Pick me!

Today I need to make more breakfast burritos and switch up the music on my swimming ipod. All that can be done during the ballgame. I think, now, I'll go get some pre-game sewing done.
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