Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Mid day report...

Yesterday's coughing cleared up by lunch time yesterday and my lungs have been happy ever since. We're closing in on a week with no Advair. I'm smelling success. Advair is part steroids so pretty soon, I'll be steroid free and suitable for major league sports!!!

Also cleared up, pretty much, is all that itching that has been driving me crazy for months. All those spots (bug bite-like but not really bug bites) are all pretty much healed. I don't know what in the fuck that was but I am more than delighted that it was not, apparently, fatal.

I went into the freezer this morning to pull out some spaghetti for dinner and there wasn't any! I have been doing a pretty darned good job of keeping my fridge/freezer real time. Both used to be full of weird stuff that would stay in there until it turned green and fizzy (fridge) or got so icey (freezer) I couldn't identify it.

So I started a campaign of not stockpiling a crap ton of food. But, instead, making more, smaller trips tot he grocery. So far, it's working. At the grocery this morning, I picked up some hamburger meat and spaghetti sauce. I should have gotten an onion and some mushrooms but, hey, not critical.

And then I'll get back to the current doll. Here's this morning's edition.

Wanna see the rest of the dolls? Flickr or Google
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