Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Closet cat

I noticed, when I was in the kitchen making my dinner that Zoey was not there to help, as usual. In fact, she hadn't bugged me for a while. And then I forgot to think about it any more.

I went to the HOA board meeting. It was ok until the halfway point when it was clear that they were going to go down the same flooring rabbit hole they have for the past 6 or so meetings. I really feel for those board members. They can't leave like I did. In the elevator on the way back up, I realized that Zoey must be stuck in some cabinet somewhere. Then I remembered putting away the packing tape after I boxed up the Zappos returns. I opened the door and there she was!

There is one woman - Ann, who lives down the hall - who also comes to every HOA meeting and invariably repeats the same, usually not at all relevant story or thought. I noticed tonight that she has aged about 30 years since her husband died about 2 years ago and has gotten more and more dotty. Tonight's repeated tale was how Home Depot charged her $2,500 for her hot water heater (purchase, install and remove old). She blames the installation people who happened to be the same outfit that installed mine for considerably less money.  This is about the 3rd time she's mentioned this at the board meeting. Finally, tonight, the president who is far kinder than I, asked the building manager to look at her invoice and help her get her money back. (My money says she probably misread the bill and paid too much on her own but what.ever. I'd feel a little more compassionate had she not - in previous tellings - made a point of noting that the sales man at Home Depot was 'light in the loafers, if you know what I mean' and that the installer's English was so bad she couldn't understand him.

Oh and also, at every meeting, she asks if the new flooring standards will be retroactive. And, at every meeting, she is told no.

Our board members really should get paid money. They earn it.
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