Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Baseball begins

The Mariners play in Texas in the afternoon - 3 pm there which I think is a weird start time - but 1 pm here. I was planning to cancel afternoon sewing since there's no TV back in the sewing room but now, with T-Mobile's gift of MLB.TV, I can watch from anywhere! Sweet.

I killed it this morning at the pool. Usually, it takes me an hour and 15 mins or so to do my 2000 yards. Today I did it in 1:05. Nice. Especially since I have a bit of a cough this morning. So far it's not anything more than what I occasionally got even when on Advair but now I'm on high alert to ensure it gets no worse and I can stay Advair free.

I started taking Advair in the fall of 2011 so nearly 5 years ago. I keep it in the drawer in my bathroom. Every morning and every night, I get it out of the drawer, suck down a dose, put it back and then brush my teeth. So far, since last week when I stopped taking it, I have opened the drawer every morning and every night only to shut it again and chastise myself for not remembering ... again. My brain should have as good a memory as my muscle!

Tonight is the monthly Home Owners Board meeting. I have been going regularly but tonight I may skip it or go for just the first part. They have, at the end of the agenda, a discussion on hard wood floors. Outside of creating new pet restrictions, there is little that can churn up a condo population than a discussion of changing the flooring policies. EVEN though this conversation started more than a year ago, there are many, mindless yet vocal residents who either just heard about it or like to retell their opinion over and over and over and over again. My only concern is that the unit above me keep their carpet. The new regulations say that I will not have a say if they decide not to. Whatever. Condo living is full of compromise and for my money the Pro list is way longer than the con list.
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