Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I ordered this watchband for my Pebble that I really do want. It was from a 3rd party on Amazon. A week ago I got a tracking number. Amazon says it will be here tomorrow BUT the tracking number says while the label has been created, the package hasn't reached the post office yet. (It's a trick that small vendors often use to say they have 'shipped' when they really haven't - not all but some.)

This morning I got an automated 'please leave me positive feedback' note from the 3rd party. NFW, my friend. Tomorrow the order gets canceled - eBay has a couple of listings for the band I want - and they will get feedback, fer sure.

I was finishing my breakfast coffee and punching around the internet when, lo and behold, I discover that T-Mobile is paying for MLB.TV for its customers!!!

I canceled my $25 a month subscription last week. It's not really worth the cost for me but I sure did enjoy it for that month. But, now, for free, I can enjoy it whenever I want!! This is very excellent.

My swim was good.

I found a new book and it's a trifecta - new (to me author), series character and already has 4 books out. If this is good it's gold. Flat Spin: A Cordell Logan Mystery
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