Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

My runneth over cup

teragramm asked me a while back if I was interested in her scrap fabric and I said "YES!" and today I got a huge box of the most marvelous treasures of trim and felt and fabulous future dolls. There is even some doll face/hands in the mix. I am so excited and so grateful. I cannot wait to dig in! Wow.

It is now all back in the sewing room paired and stacked up in the 'Use This Next' section ready for cutting. What a treat!

And of all days. I did not sew one single stitch today! I even forgot to take the Today's Basket photo. I don't think I've forgotten that in years. No particular reason. The last game of Spring Training was good. I was involved in my elephant. Just one of those weird things.

Tomorrow there will be dolls for sure. Maybe it's time to retire the today's basket. Maybe I should just photo each bear like I do the dolls. Hmmmmm

Also in the mail was yet another marketing piece from the cremation people. Now, look. You are wasting your money. I'm not at all interested in being cremated now. I don't even like heat. And, when it will be an option, I won't give a shit. I'll be dead! So... you can quit sending me your weekly marketing mails. Not going to change my thoughts on the matter.
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