Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My swim was excellent this morning. After, I dipped into Trader Joes for some goodies and then home. Breakfast was had.

I got a lovely note from the person I sold the second internet radio to. I forgot to do a factory reset so I had sent her a note apologizing. Her note this morning said that this wasn't her first Squeezebox and indicating she'd much rather I'd have rushed it to the post office than worried about a reboot. So nice when everyone is on the same page.

I do wish that someone would leave me a good review - I've now sold a dozen things on Amazon. I had one return cause the buyer misread the description. But no one has ever noted how marvelous I am. On the other hand no one has bitched about me so I think I'm just fine, thanks.

I started my Advair abstinence yesterday and so far so good. It does amuse me that I am now spending a lot of cycles thinking about my breathing. Me: still good? Me: yet Me: hi five! On the other hand, last time I stopped Advair (to try a replacement), it took 3 days and then life sucked. So it is probably premature to stage a happy dance but I want this to work so much that I'm pretty sure it will.

Today's baseball is the last Spring Training game. It starts at noon. I no longer have baseball TV back in the sewing room so I think, today, I'll watch at least the start of the game while I finish the current bear and start an elephant.

No other plans. Lots to keep me entertained.
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