Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Whew what a day and it's only 10:15 am!

Last night I sent two emails to Chase. One told them to close the Amazon card and one told them to close the Zappos card.  This morning I got two emails saying Amazon was closed  but Zappos was locked and I had to call fraud.  So, when I got home from the pool, I called fraud. I had to answer a million questions - most of the 4 times since I was transferred 4 times. I only said fuck once - a restraint I was proud of. When I got to what turned out to be the last person (20 minutes in) after answering all the questions again, she said that she needed to 'review my account. may I call you back'. NO NO NO NO. I explained that I had suffered enough and I wanted the account closed now. Right now. So after a few more ridiculous hoops, she did it. Thankyoujesus.

On to Capital One.Last night after the whole Chase debacle, I applied for a Capital One credit card. At the very end of the process while staring at a screen that said Processing. Do you hit your back button. I, of course, accidentally closed the tab.

Yesterday was a real clueless old lady day.

But, Capital One has a really active and helpful AskCapitalOne twitter account. So I asked them how I could make sure my application had no glitches. This morning they gave me a number to call (which was not any of the numbers on their website, interestingly enough. I called it and the robot voice told me my application was being considered and I'd get snail mail with the results.

Whew. I'm not touching a financial thing ever again.  As a consolation gift, Social Security made my monthly deposit 2 days early. Thanks, gov.

This morning marked the first weekday since last year that my ride to the pool was in daylight. I didn't actually leave here until 6:40 but I didn't need headlights. Or a sweater. Also today is the first day since last year that my door to the terrace is wide open and it's quite comfortable in here. Probably it will be hot in the sewing room but I've got a plan.

I started the laundry and changed the sheets on the bed and then headed out to deliver the bears and dolls. A few years ago, I made a bunch of other animals in addition to the bears. One was an elephant. Today she asked me if I could make another elephant. Sure! Cool. I actually have one on my shelf here. (I have a small sample of my favorites - a bear, a duck, a 'sock monkey' and an elephant on the hall shelves.) I found the pattern in my Ralvery projects so next up... will be an elephant or maybe two.

Also today, I got a one day free shipping coupon from my yarn supplier. My yarn stash is getting a little slim so I might just do an inventory audit and build it up a little.

My favorite singing artist and songwriter has a new album coming out in June and it went on pre-order today and I bought my copy. Now I have to wait until June. But, at least I'll be set when it comes out.  Brandy Clark is her name. She's not at all well known but no one writes lyics like she does. Plus she has a great voice.

Oh and what might be the biggest news in my little world... I decided yesterday to send Dr. Lung a note about my wanting to ditch my inhalers.  This morning, he wrote back and said that my situation now was simply symptom control so sure, let's try it! He said to stop the Advair for a month and if all goes well, then try stopping the Spiriva. And let him know how it goes. Coooooolio!  I'm quite jazzed about this.

Now I need to tend to the washer/dryer. Check the laundry and make a doll.
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