Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

4:30-7:30 lost forever

I started it and so it's my fault. I ordered some sandals from Zappos. There was a button on the order page - SAVE $25 with a Zappos credit card. Apply now!!  I did not hit the button blindly. I did investigate. I did think about it.  BUT then, yes, I hit the button and fuck all.

The card was approved and the website said it would work but, of course, it didn't. I called Zappos. They said I had to call Chase. So I knew I was fucked right then. So I called to cancel the application and the card.  Chase's telephone tree stretches from here to heaven and back and has limbs that touch all continents. I talked to 5 people in 65 minutes and finally the last guy told me that someone would have to call me in 24-48 hours to complete the cancellation. WTF???

My other credit card is a Chase Amazon card. Zappos had put the order on that one.

So I called Zappos back and canceled the order. They gave me a $100 gift coupon! And were so nice about it all. I am wiping Chase out of my life. I made a payment to cover current charges and pending charges and that's the end.

I sent emails to Chase telling them to cancel the cards. They did cancel my Amazon one and I have their cancellation in writing. The other one?? It's a mystery. But I don't care.  I'm so over them.

I started a list of everything that has that card and that I now need to change. I'm going to get a Capital One card and, until then, use my Discover card or my debit card. I then went online and changed all the accounts that needed it immediately.

What a PIA. But, it's probably good to have started that list/tracking. My credit will probably take a hit but it's really sold and has been for years so a one time, explainable hit isn't going to cause major trouble.

I love Zappos. I hate Chase.
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