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For the second day in a row, USPS has a package Out For Delivery that they previously said would not be here until tomorrow. Sadly, it's not the package I really want which has a label but hasn't been delivered into the system yet. Sigh.

I did not hop out of bed this morning. The alarm went off and I snoozed on for a good 20 minutes. I was so proud. And I was later to the pool which worked out fine. My watch sneezed and missed about 100 yards towards the beginning so I was only going to swim to 1900 yards but then when I got there, I couldn't bear to not do 2000. Nothing OCD about me!!

I'm conjuring a plan to eliminate one or both of my inhalers. I honestly my need for them is greatly reduced or gone. I don't go back to the lung doctor until January but in May I have an appointment with my regular doctor. I think I'm going to test the waters with using less and see how it goes. I have not used my rescue inhaler in months nor have I needed my magic cough stopping pills. I don't care whether I have asthma or COPD, if I can manage without $200ish a month drugs, I'll be a happy camper. Not to mention richer one.

On the Sewing sub reddit yesterday, someone posted a dress they had made after taking a garment cloning class. Garment cloning?! What a fabulous idea for a class. I replied so and mentioned I wish we had one in Seattle. Someone seconded my wish. Someone then mentioned a place in Greenwood that teaches sewing classes that I'd never even heard of! And then, this morning, someone posted about another place in Ballard that does, too and a look at their website showed a class in Garment Duplication on May 16!! It's pricey - $200 but I think I'm going to spring for it. I have tried various techniques and can kind of copy a garment but not the way I want to. I have two things - a jacket and a vest that I'd love to have dupes of. Plus outside of Home Economics in 7th grade, I've never been to a sewing class. Who knows what I could learn??!!

Today's agenda starts off with editing my brother's newsletter. Then it's off to the sewing room. No baseball games until tomorrow night. I'm way behind on my podcasts anyway.
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