Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Happy belated birthday to me!

Last July, I posted one of my two internet radios for sale on Amazon. They are great radios with a fabulous sound but they have been out of production now for years and there are much better options out there for my needs. So I put one of them up for sale for $250. I didn't really think it would sell but it cost me nothing to list it so I listed it and forgot it. Damn if that thing didn't get a buyer this morning!! Nice.

I need to package it up. I may have to go down to the dumpster and recycle some shipping supplies. Then I think I'll run it to the post office. It's heavy enough so that USP and USPS are probably the same price. Maybe I'll just whisk it over to Office Depot. They can send it either way so I'll let them pick the cheapest.

I was dead asleep when the alarm went off this morning. I got right up, checked the internet, caught some news of the day and hit the road to the pool. As I was getting into my car, I thought, why in the hell didn't I just go back to sleep? I have no place I have to be and no reason to get there at any particular time. I'll soon begin my 4th year of retirement and still, I have some work to do on the basic skills involved.

The house cleaner is due here today which will be nice. I should really run the vacuum myself in the sewing room every couple of days but I don't. And I love the way the kitchen looks after her visit.

Otherwise it promises to be a regular day of dolls and baseball and stuff.
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