Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Productive doll day in spite of baseball

All this new fabric just spurs me on to the next doll and the next...

This doll's dress was a napkin I found on the free shelf in the garage.

Square pants doll was a pillow case (her legs arms and skirt were the pillow case's top hem!) - there is lots of squarepants fabric left.

Plus I made a bunch of doll faces (drawing the mouth on and sewing on eyes) so they are now ready for the next batch. It's easier to batch make faces.

I turned on the ballgame at 1:15 and lo and behold, no game. There's a radio only game at 6:30 tonight instead.

I am very sleepy. I hate naps but I may have to give in. Last night, I was very sleepy at 9:55 so I turned out the lights and put the TV on sleep mode so I could close my eyes and listen to the 10pm news. I woke up briefly about midnight with the TV off and no clue what had been on the news.
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