Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

One more Easter-ism

Something badrobot68 said in a comment made me remember one more Easter thing from long ago...

I went to a Moravian high school. Moravians were really big on Easter. Christmas and Easter were their two biggies. They laid low the rest of the year. They were also really into the Easter sunrise service at the cemetery.

Moravian cemeteries have only small (14x14ish) marble squares laid flat over the grave. All exactly the same.

The week before Easter, our entire school was in charge of scrubbing all those damn squares out in the cemetery so they would be all spic and span for Easter. Not fun. Wonder if they still make the high school girls do that. I'll bet not.

Oh and in the late 50's and early 60's the days before Easter saw the selling of dyed baby chickens - purple, blue, pink, green - and small bunny babies... on the sidewalk outside Woolworths. Very very popular.

Ok, that's it for Easter. I'm moving on to whatever is next... Memorial Day? We didn't do Memorial Day in the South. We did Jefferson Davis' birthday instead.
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