Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The Rest of Easter

I got my swim in and it was a good one. And I got to the grocery store and I forgot milk. Then I got home and discovered that I am out of plastic wrap. I have 4,597 different sizes of zipper lock plastic bags in all sizes but no plastic wrap. So next shopping list has now been started. Sigh.

I actually thought I'd go get a shared car and run to Grocery Outlet and get both but had a bit of a shared car fail there. I did get in a brisk walk for my trouble though. I needed it, too. It's rather chilly out mainly due to wind. Glad to be in and warm again.

Tonight is breakfast for dinner tonight. I wasn't hungry enough for breakfast at breakfast and I had a light lunch. Tonight will be a spread.

Today's dolls.

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