Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

12 steps?

I have written and thought a lot recently "You must stop buying fabric" and I continue to ignore this. The problem is doll fabric is so cute and really you don't need that much. You could make a doll - legs, arms, dress or shirt - out of 2 feet square of fabric which is not expensive so matter how wonderful.

Today, I compounded the problem by parking at Goodwill after I went through the donation drive and going in. I scored big time in the pillow case section. I even got a Bob Squarepants pillowcase and a Big Bird pillowcase. I spent $30 on pillowcases and got enough great fabric for at least 100 dolls. But, seriously, I need to stop buying more.

I spent a fair amount of time cutting the pillowcases into useable fabric and then sorting and folding and putting it in bins so I can see it all at a glance. Very satisfying.

This is not all of it (she says with embarrassment) but most of it.

So many fun dolls in the future. Here are two from today.

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