Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I started the day with a nice swim as usual. My true haircut emerged after I washed all the gunk out in the shower. I definitely got my money's worth. She was going for something asymmetrical. It kind of looks like a weed whacker cut with a weed whacker needed new nylon whackers. BUT, it's fine. She needed the practice (badly) and it cost me nothing and it will grow out. And who cares? Not me.

My Somethings Wrong With The Tires light went on yesterday and I hit the button that tells the car the tires are like you want them. But today it came on again. This happens when seasons change mostly. Last time was when my brother was here and we went to a gas station and paid a $1 and he showed me how to check and fix it correctly. I considered that this morning but all that kneeling down and screwing those little greasy dirty caps on and off just did not seem like a fun thing. So I pulled into the GoodYear place. They have done it for me in the past but they never charge anything and I feel guilty since I've never even bought a tire from them.

This morning they were as nice as they always are. The guy found one tire that was way down and he inspected it visually and told me to keep an eye on it and bring it back ('and don't be bashful about it, I'm happy to check it again even later today'). So nice. I gave him $5 'for the donut fund' and he accepted it graciously and I was delighted. Yeah. Now I can roll in there whenever I want and pay them to keep me blown up appropriately. They are two blocks from the pool and open at 7 - very handy. Dilemma resolved.

It has been a while since my car has been serviced. Smart cars are on a specific cycle. They don't get interim things like oil changes every 3 months. The cycles are 12,000 or 1 year. For the first 4 years, I took it in every August. Only one of those times did the "Checkup Time" light actually come on. When I got to August year 5, I was only at 15,000 miles and the light didn't come on so I didn't take it in. The light still hasn't come on now 7 months later. The next check up is going to be really expensive (I'm expecting $1,500-$2,000.) so I'm not in a gynormous hurry to make that happen. Plus the Mercedes place where it has to go for checkups always pisses me off. So I save $ and sanity by not volunteering.

I'm torn this morning between going out and running a couple of errands in a shared car OR just getting down to some doll making. It's senior discount day at the fabric shop and I need some solids BUT I know if I get in their door, I'll buy more than I need and, honestly, I don't really "need" anything. I do need a little bit of a walk and I'd have to walk a bit to get to the shared car. It's a puzzlement.
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