Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Cut and home

The haircut was a nice little outing. She cut off way more than I was interested in but I told her I didn't care every time she asked me about what I wanted. Also there's a 99% chance that it will grow back. And soon I'll be bitching about having to get it cut again. The hair cutter was really nice. All in all a nice experience and free.

Except I did have to pay a whole damn dollar to ride the trolley. It was free for a while but not any more. Thankfully I get a sweet discount for being old.

The West Wing podcast dropped their first episode today so I need to get on the stick and watch the pilot. Joshua Malina said in twitter that we should watch the show first then listen to the corresponding podcast. Ok. Will Do.

Bernie decided to hold a rally at the baseball park tomorrow afternoon at 4 pm. It's no skin off my back but there are going to be a shit ton of people trying to get home tomorrow but will, instead, find themselves sitting in traffic. Oh the humanity.

Only one doll today but she's ok with being the only one.

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