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Most of my swim was fine. But then. There's this old man* who is often around the pool. He rarely swims much. Just sits on the edge or in the hot tub. Today he decided to share my lane. He swam a total of 5 laps and managed to kick me twice and slap me 3 times even as I swam so close to the lane line that I nicked it several times with my hand. I have a lovely bruise on my arm. One of the other swimmers even commented about how he was taking his half out of the middle. It was a lovely relief when he groaned out of the pool and on his merry way.

*He's probably younger than I am. When I guess, particularly old people's, ages I'm usually way off.

A sign at the pool said that Sunday, the gym won't open until 9 (usually it's at 8) WTF? Is that to ensure no one can get their workout in before brunch and/or church??? OR are the staff needing to sleep in after that wild Easter Eve bash? Having to wait until 8 on weekends is annoying enough.

Today is free haircut day. I am to be a model for a hair cutter's exam. It's at their Capital Hill shop. It's a trolley ride. The trolley is slow and turns a 15 minute trip into about an hour BUT 1. it's free and 2. no trying to find parking where there isn't any. Plus, there's a big Walgreens and a nice grocery store between the shop and the trolley - in case I think of some thing I need at one of those places on the way home.

My appointment is at 1:30 so I need to leave here about 12:30. Totally doable.

The man who climbed the tree in the middle of downtown yesterday morning is still up there. It moved to sad and ridiculous last night. Now it's just stupid and expensive. Plus the dude has completely nuded the top of the tree. I do love getting tweets about his bathroom droppings in my feed.

Screenshot 2016-03-23 at 9.39.44 AM

I just ordered more fabric scraps. I need to stop that. I have plenty now and two orders from different places on the way. It's just so much fun to blindly order bundles. I love seeing what I get and I cannot think of any cotton fabric that isn't perfect for one doll or another. But, still, I need to stop ordering and use the stuff I have first.

The Mariner Spring Training game is tonight. So I think now I'll go get ready to leave for my haircut and then knock out a doll before I go.
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