Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Bernie, Joe Biden, Hillary, Chelsea and Bill have all been in and around Seattle this week. There's a man stuck in a tree downtown this morning. Twitter is 'sploading.

I drove an electric car for the first time this morning. Fun. It was a fancy damn car. I love my little Smart Car but it has no shocks at all. It can see a bump or a pothole and do a ferocious jerk. There's one particular uncomfortable stretch on a nearby street so I tried that this morning in a fancy car... Smooth as silk. Sigh.

I got a box of Banana Nut Cheerios at Grocery Outlet. I'd never seen them before. I had a tiny bowl of them after my lunch salad and they are pretty damn good. Probably they have been discontinued already.

I watched/listened to the first 5 innings of the Cuba game and might listen to more. The TV coverage sucked giant eggs. They ignored the baseball and just did really insipid interviews of everyone. After a reporter asked the pitcher at the end of a way too long interview 'So, tell me again, how amazed you are at being here?' ... I turned the sound to mute and listened to the radio broadcast which was actually covering the actual game.

I need to clean up the kitchen but I think I'll go make another doll first.
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