Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I just saw a tweet that bus service is coming back to my neighborhood!! When I first moved here, there were two buses that stopped on the corner a half block from my front door. Then they killed that bus stop but still had pretty good service 2.5 blocks up the street. Then the killed that service. Then a year ago, they brought two bus routes kind of back. You can catch one of two routes not far from here but neither of them have a return trip. Odd but true. But next week we will have a Rapid Line bus from a couple of blocks from here up to Ballard and beyond. Could be handy in snow. There's an LA Fitness with a nice pool right on that route.

Swim was ok. It was actually good. My right arm from the elbow to the shoulder is having some kind of weird issue. I think the swimming helped it a little.

I'm looking forward to the baseball game in Cuba which will be on the air here at 10:30 am. I need to make a trip to Grocery Outlet at some point - I'm out of lunch salads. And, of course, dolls and bears. Nothing special. Just my usual.
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