Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My swim was great this morning. Some days it just feels better than others and today was one of those days. Plus having the watch to watch is great. It's great feeling like I just started but seeing that I've already done 500 yards. And then later seeing that in only 2 more laps I will have completed 2,000 yards. I just love the little updates.

I made it through yesterday with no candy. My snack alternatives are working out fine. Now I just need to keep it up for the next six weeks.

I'm creating a things I want to get done list:

- Make a Goodwill run
- Clean out both closets out on the terrace (probably should do before Goodwill run)
- Clean out the shelves in the bedroom closet (again, probably should do before Goodwill run)

Plans for today include a walk after lunch up to the teriyaki place, I think. And there's a baseball game.
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