Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Fat Fat, the water rat

I have gained 5 pounds in the last six weeks or so. Ordinarily it wouldn't bother me. I don't love being fat but I love eating so I live with it. But, in May I have a doctor's check up and I hate disappointing him. Plus, that 5 pounds might put me across that line from pre-diabetes (which I have been for years) to the real thing and then he'll go into You Must Change mode. I'd love to avoid that.

So, in the next six to eight weeks, I need to lose those 5 pounds. Or at least one or two of them. I have been at the candy rather obscenely lately so no more of that. I am a snacker but now it will be apples, cheese, carrots with those bistro salads for lunch. I can do it. I stopped in the grocery after my swim for supplies. My candy will keep til mid-May, I'm not worried.

This morning I got to the gym, like every Sunday morning, about 7:45. Often the Front Desk Girl opens up 5 to 10 mins early. This morning I got to the front door to find Front Desk Girl and my buddy Brody both standing there. It seems that the key was missing from the lock box and we had no way in. We finally got in at 8:20. It was quite the thing.

After our swim, on the way to our cars, Brody and I both remarked about how amazingly, gracefully, thoughtfully and maturely Front Desk Girl handled the situation. It was very impressive. Very. I told Brody that I'd find out her name so that we could both right letters to her management.

My Pebble watch band fix held up perfectly in today's swim so... YAHOO!

I've heard hints and seen links and finally this morning dug in and found out that Joshua Malina, one of my favorite actors is co host of an episode by episode podcast about the TV show Westwing.

I do not have time to rewatch this series and listen to an hour long podcast of every episode, but, sigh, I guess I will. What a project. Happily they haven't even really started yet. So I'm not behind yet. Whew.

There's a baseball game this afternoon and I plan to create a doll or two with that new fabric!
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