Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I'm totally in it for the fabric

So one night nearly 3 weeks ago, I saw a link to a quilting site and went there. They had a bunch of fabulous scrap and cut bundles. 10" squares and 1/4 yard bundles of amazing, adorable fabrics. I got carried away and ordered a bunch. And they never came. Finally last night, I went to the site to see if/how to raise hell with these people.

Their shipping section said 7-10 business days (which is not at all reasonable anyway). Next Tuesday is 10 days so I made a note on the calendar to call them and never shop there again.

Today, I made one doll and was cutting out the next one and thought, eh... maybe I'll go watch a movie instead. But then my watch told me USPS had just delivered a package and... sure enough... it was the fabric from Slow Shipping Fabric Co.

And it's just amazingly beautiful and so much fun. (When you order bundles you might know genre - kids fabrics, solids, etc. But, when the bundle arrives is the first time you know what kind of patterns you bought.) And now I want to make a million dolls today!!

I'm a cotton whore. No doubt about it.

Yes, that's a cat's butt at the top of the picture.

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