Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

NO soliciting!

I will vote for Hillary. There is precious little that I can envision that will change that in any way. It's not a vote against anyone else. I like Hillary.

But, her volunteers are working my last nerve. Their phone calls have now forced me to just stop answering the phone. Today it was a woman human robot dialing our front door directory. I had the Front Door TV Network on and saw her down there for a long time looking at the directory. I couldn't tell if she was dialing or just reading the names off and taking notes. Finally, my phone rang and caller ID said it was the front door. She told me she was a Hillary volunteer and wanted to come up here! WTF? NFW. I hung up on her in the middle of her request.

It's a long fucking way til November.

Oh and a while after I hung up on her, she kept dialing and finally someone let her in. She'd better not start knocking on doors. It's one thing to break a city, state or federal law but it's quite another to break a condo law.

Oh now she's back outside, once again dialing up the building. To be perfectly honest was she doing this on behalf of any other candidate or anything else, actually, I'd be raising the complaint flag high and loud. There is no straight line from me to what's good and right.


My swim this morning was fabulous. My new watch band let go at 500 yards. I rescued it from the bottom of the pool, along with even both the pins (thankgod for a shallow pool!). Weird because once out, I put the band back on the same way and I cannot shake it, pull it or stress it away from the watch. I can't figure out what motion pulled it loose. So I spent the rest of the swim conjuring on various fixes.

On the up side, I just held on to the watch with my hand which was easy and it tracked my swim flawlessly. Worst case I can wear the bulky band when I swim.

Came home after swim and made a nice breakfast. Today I want to make some tweaks to my brother's website. Little content edits here and there. And then, of course, sewing. The baseball game isn't until tonight.
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